The farm Arvedi D’Emilei is located in Cavalcaselle, a small village existing since the Roman times and became, subsequently, a "fief" extending over the last hills surrounding Garda Lake, and which feudal lords, have been for many centuries the Emilei, a family with noble origins going back to 1382.

They held the feud for many generations, keeping the property intact and making it prosper with excellent farming traditions. Today these traditions are maintained by the last descendant, Pietro Arvedi D’Emilei.

Still today, the Count Pietro, lives in the famous "Palace", that although its essential shape preserves its ancient structure of fief, with intelligent restorations it has became, now, a lovely villa veneta.

Polyhedric character and wraped of a myriad other activities, He still participates, of nature and farming life, taking part in the rites of wine-harvesting and caring for olive-trees.

Life is active and intense into and around the villa. Everything is cared,  forming a marvelous natural setting, made even more suggestive  by many details, like the large park with its centuries-old trees.

The surrounding countryside sloping softly down towards Garda Lake in a harmonious undulation of vineyards.

The flourishing vines  and the renowned wines, extracted from the precious grapes, are the result of great love for the earth and of a productive weaving together of ancient wisdom and innovative experiences, united by the efforts and the traditions of Arvedi D’Emilei.


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